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English Composition

What type of paper have you been asked to write? These are the major types of academic writing you will be likely to come across in your studies at CNC. Each type of writing has different requirements and produces different outcomes.

The Description Essay

A descriptive essay question asks you to describe something—object, person, place, experience, emotion, situation, etc. Paint a vivid picture in words so the reader can come away with a full understanding of what you are describing. 

Thesis Statement 

 Your thesis statement might look like this:

This paper describes how the Association Advocating for Women and Community (AAWC) serves the homeless women of Prince George. 


The Association Advocating for Women and Community (AAWC) is a vital part of the community in Prince George because it serves the needs of homeless women. 

Note the use of “because”. This is a good way to narrow the topic you are describing.

Body Paragraphs


  • each paragraph describes one aspect of your topic. 
  • the details of you essay are organized in a logical manner: spatially, chronologically, or from general to specific.